Consigning with N'Used

We schedule consignment appointments Tuesday - Friday from 11:30am - 5:00pm. N'Used is a seasonal store, so we only accept consignment items that are season appropriate. All first-time consignors require an appointment. PLEASE CALL (703) 437-8733 to book your appointment.

Accounts: We offer two types of consignor accounts:

PAY IT FORWARD (PIF) - All unsold items are donated at the end of the term. No fee...just warm and fuzzy feelings for helping others!

RETURN TO CONSIGNOR (RTC) - All unsold items are collected and returned to the consignor at the end of the term. $19.99 annual fee, payable at the first appointment. 

Retained Fees: We offer a 60/40 split. Sixty percent (60%) of the selling price shall be retained by N'Used once an item is sold. 40% to the consignor.

Term: Consignment items remain at N’Used for 90 days; 60 days at the determined price and 30 days at ½ off. Exceptions for designer items and handbags.

Condition: All consigned items must be freshly laundered. Garments must be on hangers and wrinkle free (a $2.00 per item steaming fee will be charged if items do not meet this requirement). No stains, tears, pulls, or pilling. We will not accept items in garbage bags nor in boxes. They should be delivered in “ready to wear” condition, free of all allergens (pet fur, smoke, mothball odor, etc). N’Used may respectfully decline items that are too dated and/or do not reflect our N’Used customers.

Items: Consignors may bring a maximum of 20 items per consignment. Garments must be in season. We do not accept shoes, bridal wear, gowns, suits, undergarments, swim wear or costume jewelry.

Drop Offs: We offer DROP-OFFS to existing consignors by appointment Tuesday-Saturday. Drop-off consignors, you are allowed to bring a maximum of 20 items following our strict requirements listed above. Items will not be inspected upon drop-off. Any items that we cannot accept will be automatically donated to a local charity. Drop-Off appointments are limited to ONCE PER MONTH per consignor.


Pricing: We follow industry standards by pricing items at 1/3 of retail value. Depending on the condition and wear, prices are adjusted accordingly. NWT (new with tags) items bring a bit more.

Blackout Months: As we transition seasons, we have two "blackout months": February and August. During these months we do not accept any consignment items nor issue any payout checks.

Consignor Online Account Access: