Coach Leather Crossbody with Beaded Doves

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Coach leather flapcrossbody, where style meets charm in a delightful dance of colors and textures. Picture a blush canvas adorned with beaded doves in hues of brown, green, and yellow, fluttering gracefully across the surface like birds in a springtime garden.

Open the flap to reveal not just a purse, but a treasure trove of organization. Inside, you'll find two pockets, perfect for keeping your essentials neatly tucked away. But that's not all—there's a kiss clip chain purse, adding a touch of vintage elegance to this modern masterpiece.

What makes this bag truly versatile is its convertible design. It comes with a chain and leather strap that effortlessly transforms into a double strap wrist bag. Wear it crossbody for a hands-free day out, or convert it to a wrist bag for an evening of elegant ease.

Carry it with you and feel the magic of the beaded doves as they accompany you on your daily adventures, turning heads and spreading smiles wherever you go. This isn't just a bag; it's a celebration of style, craftsmanship, and the joy of whimsical design.

Condition: Like New