Halston Heritage Faux Fur Cropped Jacket

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The Halston Heritage faux fur fuzzy and ribbed cropped jacket is a stylish and luxurious fashion piece designed for those seeking both warmth and trendsetting style. This jacket combines the plush softness of faux fur with a unique ribbed texture, creating a visually captivating and tactile experience. The cropped design adds a modern twist to a classic look, making it an ideal choice for fashion-forward individuals.

One of the standout features of this jacket is its high-low hem, which adds a touch of asymmetry and sophistication to the garment. The longer back hem not only enhances the jacket's design but also provides additional coverage and warmth. With its combination of rich faux fur, ribbed texture, and a contemporary silhouette, this Halston Heritage jacket is perfect for making a statement and staying cozy during cooler seasons.

Condition: Gently Used