Chanel Nylon Lame Car Coat

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The epitome of edgy elegance: the Chanel Gunmetal Nylon Lame Car Coat! Picture this – a sleek, full-zip silhouette that effortlessly glides onto your fashion radar. The gunmetal nylon lame fabric is not just a fabric, it's a statement – a bold proclamation of your style prowess.

But wait, there's more! This coat doesn't just stop at 'fabulous'; it goes full throttle with a drawstring pop collar, serving looks that could stop traffic (or at least turn heads at the crosswalk). Perfect for those days when you want to channel your inner street-chic superhero – because why settle for anything less than fashion that packs a punch?

Zip it up, cinch that drawstring, and get ready to strut the streets like the urban fashionista you were born to be. With Chanel, even the everyday car coat becomes a canvas for couture adventure. Fasten your seatbelt – this gunmetal wonder is about to take your style to a whole new dimension! 

Condition: Like New