COVID-19 Update

Posted by N'used Fashions on

Dear Customers,

I'd like to start by expressing my sincere gratitude to all of my customers and consignors. I always say I've got the most amazing custies, but in the recent weeks, your thoughtfulness and support have brought me to tears daily.

COVID-19 is unprecedented and there's no how-to manual or guidelines...we are in this together, figuring it out on a day-by-day or even hour-to-hour basis. We will get through this.

Needless to say, N'Used is more than just a store to me. Since opening, it has brought some of the most caring, thoughtful, intelligent and kind women through the doors. They have shared with me countless hours of heartfelt advice and wisdom. You have gotten me through some extremely difficult days, as well as very happy times.

I have had to make some extremely difficult decisions in the past few days. Our governor has issued a Stay at Home Order by which we must abide. First of all, I have to postpone the Spring Sidewalk Sale. Secondly, I am forced to postpone all checks until I reopen. Also, I need to cancel all consignment appointments until further notice, but I promise I will do my best to accommodate you to reschedule.

Some good news, I'm not sitting around eating bonbons during this adventure! I've put on my big girl pants and I'm re-welcoming 2020 by opening my online store. It is still under construction, but soon you will be able to shop through our website!

One last note, I am going to the store almost everyday. If you would like a social-distancing appropriate visit, or a private sneak peek at the Sidewalk Sale racks, call me at the store, I'd love to see at a time!

Take care of yourselves.